What We Do

By learning and understanding the unique healing and self-healing techniques, as well as energy management and meditation practices, students improve their lives, minimize their tribulations and come to know the spiritual world. Our students rise in levels of consciousness by learning spiritual healing, developing spiritual abilities, practicing natural healing techniques, and activating their creative powers. Through this process, their minds and souls fall into harmony with the universe. As they discover ancient, forgotten, and hidden abilities within themselves and learn to utilize the positive powers of creation, they become healthier in mind and soul, and begin to live happier, more successful lives every day. Our theoretical and practical framework is built systematically, providing a stable foundation for raising one’s personal energy frequency. Energy cleansings and healings help resolve an individual’s problems by freeing up the soul from the obstructions built up by inhibiting energies. Revelations and understanding assist in personal healing and unveil the entirety of ourselves.

"We teach self-healing and healing methods and, even if a student does not wish to become a healer, he is certain to become a conscious, happy, and vivacious person,” said Katalin Szabó. Our school teaches in an independent, secular manner, free from any religious affiliations because "there is one Truth, but countless paths that lead to it.” Every religion and spiritual path has the same goal, which is to connect mankind with the original source.Our mission is to ensure that our students become better people by accepting the spiritual knowledge of universal love and that they become a positive influence in their peers’ growth and the spiritual evolution of our Earth. Our mission is to create peace and harmony among all the existing spiritual directions of our world.









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"Everything that exists, lives in you: the earth, the stars, the sea. You also exist in the leaves of every tree, in the song of every bird. You are there in everyone, in the whisper of the wind...So love everyone, since by loving them, you love yourself."

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Szabó Katalin
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