Katalin Szabó: White bird

Once upon a time, a spirit being left the Divine Source to don a body of comfortable human form in order to complete a request of Heaven. It created the art of healing on Earth to show that there are things that cannot be changed with simple earthly power, but with the help of Heaven, all things are possible: healing people, wiping away tears, and setting disheveled lives straight.

After many long years of healing the spirit received a new command: Fly from city to city, touch the hearts of humans so that they awaken upon hearing the word: "light”. Whoever met with the spirit, yearned to meet again.

The disciple started on a path. The Heavens watched over the disciple. An amazing thing began on Earth. A spiritual school began to work on Earth by Divine decree. Over long years, many people came to know their heavenly nature and found meaning to their lives. Putting aside their despondency and indecisiveness, they found their way to the heavenly path. They came to know themselves.

The bird continues to fly with its head held high over immeasurable distances. It no longer remembers its life. It cannot fit into all settings; thus, there are things that must be forgotten. It is impossible to be both worldly and divine. But if Heaven so chooses, it may be possible to find capable support in these times because there are phenomena in this earthly life that are seventy percent predestined by fate. Opening hearts and planting the seeds of knowledge is a divine mission...