About the Founder

Katalin SZabo

The founder and head of the International Academy of Spritual Sciences and Metaphysics is Katalin Szabó. She is a clairvoyant spiritual healer, naturopath, spiritual master, and an Ambassador of Peace. Her skills emerged during her childhood, but she only became truly conscious of them at 18, when a near-death experience opened the door for her into the spirit kingdom.

Katalin Szabó spent her life improving the lives of others. She spent 20 years in the Hungarian healthcare system as a nurse. It was there that she experienced the limitations of conventional medicine: Most often, it restricts the search for solutions to the eradication of symptoms. It rarely looks into the underlying root cause of the problem, which are mental and spiritual in nature. As a sworn healer, watching the outcome of these diseases put her through serious spiritual crisis.

In her prayers, she beseeched God that, if there was a way to truly heal the sick, she may learn it from the spirit realms. First, she learned traditional Chinese medicine. Then, she served 10 years as a naturopath. Later, she studied the basics of energetics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, graduating with a degree in Naturopathy as a Teacher-Healer. The course gave her a template for a conveyable structure for the experiences and knowledge her skills had afforded her.

She founded the Academy of Spritual Sciences and Metaphysics in 1996 to pass on the knowledge and techniques she had accumulated; i.e. either received as grace from above or learned through her experiences and studies. She wanted to guide those who were ready to receive spiritual instruction, those who were led to the Academy by the spirit realms. According to Katalin Szabó, her spiritual school has a system of patrons in the universe on the level of creation itself. This is because, instruction is individually tailored to each student’s level of consciousness and conducted by heavenly teachers.

Who We Are

It has been almost 20 years that we have been shepherding our students along the path of spirituality within the framework of the International Academy of Spiritual Sciences and Metaphysics.

In order to assist students in achieving corporeal, spiritual, and intellectual harmony, the Academy has created a loving environment, through which students experience the developmental opportunities made available by this physical life. The International Academy of Spiritual Sciences and Metaphysics offers training in Parapsychology and Spiritual Therapy for those who walk the path of self-awareness. Their courses have met the standards set by the local legislation of nine different countries world-wide: States of America, Great Britain, Argentine, Panama, Costa Rica, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania. With the help of our course, more and more students have come to realize that they are more than their physical bodies; they recognize that they are spiritual and intellectual beings, and they achieve a connection with their supreme Self in order to allow it to guide them to find the purpose of their lives.

In our new world of the Golden Age, those who seek Truth, those who follow the path of love, both consciously and unconsciously seek the answers to the big questions in life. The nearly three-year-long, accredited program of both theoretical and practical training is designed not only for those who are just getting acquainted with esoteric teachings for the first time, but also offers in-depth teachings for those who have spiritual experiences and understanding, delving into OKI-healing, healing therapies for the mind and soul, as well as practical applications. We are able to connect with our true selves, the Divine Self that dwells within us, through understanding, experiencing, and actualizing spiritual truths. Our minds and souls originate from God; they do not tire, age, or disappear, for they are eternal. Katalin Szabó, the founder and head of the Academy, claims that "man is a powerful spiritual being, immortal in the spirit realm. He must know how to live consciously and create lovingly with this power granted to him by God!”